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Who We Are



ORIGIN is a British, premium menswear brand first opening its doors in 2018.

A one-man-team looking to build something out of what started as nothing. 

A brand built from the desire to tell a story of heritage and a story of my life.

Rather than simply create meaningless clothing that is dictated by what’s ‘popular’ at this exact second, I tell stories through my collections

Each item has a purpose and a unique story which are personalised to me and as I develop and mature, so will the garments. Everything from fabrication, fit, knit method, printing and even the boxes in which your order is  shipped in link back to the story and vision of the brand. 

Sourcing the highest quality fabrics from across the globe, we are unmatched, providing the highest quality products at their price-point on the market. This, combined with regular visits to our manufacturer here in the UK at each stage, ensures development is exactly as envisioned. 

Since launching, the brand has grown exponentially, seeing thousands of customers across every continent on the planet. 

Each collection surpasses the last, and will continue to do so.