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Product Development - Essential Tee

A staple to every wardrobe, an essential tee.


When designing the tee, we set specific objects in both design and function. These were:
- Minimal design
- Earthy tones
- Slight oversize
- Breath-ability
- Durability 
- Versatility 
And Doesn't shrink after washing!
Firstly, we focused on the functions of the shirt, finding the correct material that was durable, breathable and didn't shrink & warp after washing. 
Searching through multiple cotton choices & blends, testing results after washing at multiple temperatures and wearing for long periods of time, a blend of viscose & elastane was decided as the best solution.
Next was the design. From the get-go, we wanted to use earth tone colours, inspired by our environment, that was also versatile with multiple outfit choices. Settling on Black, White & Taupe (Pantone ref. Warm Grey 8c) we went into designing the style.
When designing, we wanted to keep things minimal. A simple print on the upper back was decided. Originally planned was 'origin' on the very upper back (shown below and yes, we did all first designs in MS publisher!)  but this was decided against as we wanted to tell a greater story with the print.
Just like the Track Pants , we decided to add the quote from Greg Plitt (RIP) ' 'What if' never went to arena', a quote in which truly inspired us to start the entire business, along 'EST. 2017'. Although we launched in 2018, the entire idea of this business began in 2017.
The final, and most important aspect for us, was the fit. A massive issue we saw with most t-shirts on the market was that they were either ridiculously tight and uncomfortable, or drastically oversized and were closer to bed sheets, than they were t-shirts.
We sampled multiple fits to find the perfect balance of oversize, but not too the point in which it looks as though you're wearing a dress. Creating the samples at home, all the patterns were done by myself (still to this day, they are), and using my Mum's old sewing machine to bring the idea to life, we created the perfect fitting, versatile and most durable t-shirt you'll ever own. 
Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk...