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Ever wondered how we created our essential hoodie? check out this blog to discover its creation, from design, develop, sample and final product.
1) Idea
We started off we a basis of creating the perfect hoodie - Simple right? Too often you find a hoodie you love, but it's either too over-sized, too small, too long, sleeves too short etc. 
Starting with the fit & materials - 100% Loop back cotton of course. Oversize, Dropped shoulder, Slight crop, Lengthened sleeves, Tapered cuffs & Waistband.
Colours - We wanted to use colours that were versalite, bold but weren't over-powerful. Something you could wear with multiple outfits in a wide range of situations.
Design - Our logo. Something we are proud of. Minimal, yet loud.
2) Design 
Our initial designs, little changes from the initial plan. We choose 3 colours initially. There was constant change. Out of these 3, only black survived.
We had also intended of printing the season's quote and logo on the drawstring - inspired by the release of Virgil Abloh's 'The Ten' which had launched around the time. 
 From there, we finalised our colour choices (Used with the final products) and designed physical mock-ups to be sent to the manufacturer for production.
Before production began, we decided to scrap the idea of printed drawstrings. We wanted to create something that was our own brand and not copy someone else.
From here came our samples.
We were very happy, but changes had to be made. We altered the fit slightly and changed the logo.
Following from the samples, we made the changes and supplied them to the manufacturer. Time to wait...
After several delays, we received the finished articles. Something we are truly proud of and something you will not commonly see on the market. The blend of a perfect fit hoodie from all aspects.