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Meet The Brand - Ep. 2

Following on from the feedback and positive reviews I received on the last 'Meet the brand' article, I thought it'd be great to produce another.
Similarly to last time, I asked on our Instagram story for any questions and chose the best 5.

When is the next release?
Our Pre-FW19 collection will be releasing very shortly. I had hoped to have it released by now, however unexpected delays out of my control have prevented so. That being said, I have taken everything from designs, fabrication and fit to our creatives up another notch. I can't wait to launch this capsule and show the development and maturity of the brand.
FW19 will also release very soon. This one is going to propel the brand to another level and show you what we're truly capable of. Make sure to save that month's paycheque cause you don't want to miss out. 
Will there be a larger variety of products releasing soon?
Yes - 100%. With past releases, I have focused heavily on Tees, Hoodies, and Trackpants. Although these are still a large portion of our products, there is also the introduction of more colours, more prints, more styles, more accessories and also, outerwear.
With the size of the brand, I have to be extremely selective in what we release, so to release 1 t-shirt in 6 colours isn't necessarily a good investment. Quality > Quantity, always.
Why don't you use many influencers to promote?
Firstly, I hate the phrase 'influencer'. If you drop me a DM claiming to be one, it gets ignored. The idea that a person on Instagram can 'influence' you to buy a product because they also wear Off-White and have 50k followers is ridiculous.
With that being said, I have worked with and continue to work content creators on multiple projects. The reason you won't see so many is that I'm extremely particular with the people I use. I want to make sure the person fits the brand, everything from their style, to their personality and even motivations align with the brand. Following is secondary behind all of this.
How can I start a brand?
A slightly similar question to one from the first MTB article, but providing your heart and head are in the right place, just start. There's no set structure to starting, start drawing your designs, email some manufacturers, set up the social media accounts. Once you get the ball rolling, you always have something to do. The very first thing I did for ORIGIN was set up the IG account at like 2 am. The next day I drew-up a few t-shirts and downloaded photoshop... 
What's your favourite item?
Items that are currently available are the PFTW Tee - Neon Green and the Military Pants. For the tee, the amount of time and effort took to bring that to life was unreal. If you'd like to learn more about that process click here. For the Military Pants, again the amount of effort taken to produce to then finally have them in hand was surreal. These were also a massive risk due to the level of investment required to produce, which ultimately pulled off. If you'd like to learn more about them click here
With that being said, my favourite piece I've ever created will be available in FW19, I haven't stopped wearing it.
To everyone that reached this far, thank you for taking the time. If you'd like me to continue these, be sure to let me know. Likewise, if you think they're a waste of time, also let me know.