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Meet the Brand - Ep. 1

Since launching ORIGIN, I’ve always wanted to create a strong connection between the brand and our customers. A few days back I reached out on Instagram to ask a few questions people wanted to know, from “how did you start the brand?” to “When is the next release” an anything in-between. I chose the best five…
Did you think the brand would be a success when you first started?
Yes. I was never in any doubt of the potential the vision I have would one day be successful as long as I give 100% and stay consistent. Everything about ORIGIN is unique and a direct representation of my interests & history, something you rarely see anymore in today’s fast fashion society.
With that being said, is ORIGIN a success now? No. not yet, to me. Success is very much a subjective measurement and I don’t yet see the success. To me, I believe ORIGIN will be a success once I’ve built an amazing team of people creating clothing for people across the world.
What’s your biggest regret so far?
This is a hard one really as each regret becomes a lesson and room to improve. But I’d say the only lasting regret I have so far was playing too safe with the first collection. I chose to go minimal and neutral rather than expressive in the hopes it would attract more people. With that being said, in terms of fabrication & fit, I couldn’t be happier with the collection. Other than that, any mistake I make is learned from and improved.
How many people work for the brand?
Just one. I currently work on every aspect of the brand. Everything from design, fabric sourcing, media & marketing, website development and everything in-between is handled be me. Every piece of clothing or content you currently see from ORIGIN has been created by me. Hopefully as the brand grows there will be room to bring people on-board and expand even further.
Where do you see the brand going next year?
We will develop closer to the vision I created back when I was 15. With each day that passes and each collection I release, it becomes closer. High level plans for 2019 and 2020 are -
  • Multiple releases
  • Pop up shop (2020)
  • Something bigger than just clothing (This will make sense in good time)
My main goal is to simply develop and expend. A continuous improvement.
Advice on starting a fashion brand?
4 tips I give to any who asks this question.
  1. Have a genuine interest in fashion.
With social media, there is often a preconception that being an entrepreneur is easy and that starting a clothing brand is the quickest & simplest way to do so. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. I see a lot of start-up brands that have been started by people that fit in the bracket and it’s clear to see they have no interest in the industry and just want to drive a Lamborghini. However, if you’re truly interested in fashion and every aspect of it, then don’t hesitate.
  1. Understand the level of investment required.
Again, another reason people choose fashion as a start-up is, they believe it is a great option for a low level of investment. Sure, having 50 blank t-shirts printed on may be a relatively cheap option in comparison to say, developing an app, but that is just a minuscule percentage of the cost of running a fashion brand. To produce a full collection, continuously advertise, maintain IT system & pay for any additional work you require will easily cost over 5 figures. A lot of people don’t release the importance of cash flow and have to quit when they have no money left. Fortunately for me, I also work a full-time job along with running the brand so I am able to use that cash to supplement the brand where needed.
  1. Don’t give up.
So simple, but so often people give up too soon. Building a genuine brand with a strong and loyal customer base takes years and continuous hard work. Very often you will see great start-up brands with amazing designs give up because they expected to be making 100+ sales a week after a few months. It’s not that simple, nor is progress linear. Take your time to craft something worthwhile, there are ‘fast food’ brands that feed off hype everywhere, they’ll be gone soon enough.
  1. Be genuine
Another flaw I see with a large number of start-ups is I’ll see them pretend to be something they’re not in hopes of greater social acceptance. You’ll know the kind, usually have one of their caps placed on the bonnet of a super-car, don’t engage with their audience and give it the “L0oK hoW SUcCeSsFUL wE aRe!!” approach. Cut the crap, be genuine, be honest, people resonate with it a lot more.
If you’ve reached this far, thank you very much and I hope you’ve enjoyed. It was great to see all your questions and I’m sorry if yours wasn’t answered. I’ll definitely do another ‘Meet the brand’ in the near future so if you have any questions make sure to send us a DM on Instagram.